• Drink plenty of water
  • Remove bandage after several hours
  • Wash area with mild soap & warm water
  • Apply thin coat of provided aftercare several times a day after washing and completely drying
  • Continue to wash several times a day, moisturizing after drying, until skin stops flaking
  • Some bruising may occur, this is normal
  • Discard aftercare product once tattoo is healed!


  • Although the average tattoo takes 1 to 2 weeks to heal we do not recommend the following activities the first month; swimming, hot tubs, exposing to excessive steam, or submerging under water (baths)
  • Showers are fine (in fact encouraged)
  • Do not shave the area until completely healed
  • About the 4th or 5th day your tattoo will itch and begin to flake and peel. It is very important that you do not pick or scratch at it, this can truly harm your new tattoo, a light slap will suffice when itching occurs
  • Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, this will fade the color
  • Do not take advice from tattoo experts in bars or nightclubs!!

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